The VI Powerade Cup has started and this year, the team of Bermuda, the BAA has been part of the final tournament that was held in the premises of the EU Cornellà in Barcelona for a new BAA experience.

In the last edition of the tournament, the green set faced FC Barcelona in the opening game, and this year could not be otherwise. While the opponent was not the Catalan side, it was one of the top teams in Spain and best clubs in the world, Real Madrid.

The game started at 16: 30h. Both teams were very nervous and had a lot of respect for each other, perhaps because of the pressure to not only win the game, but in order to start well championship to win the championship. During the first 5 minutes, both teams had chances, and although the BAA was well planted in defense after 5 minutes and after a good combination of the meringues, Real Madrid scored the first goal.

Three minutes later the Madrid team would raise a second goal, this time thanks to a counter and the average passing of the fancy white tip. With the 2-0 on the scoreboard, the boys of BAA began to create danger and even forced the Real Madrid goalkeeper to show off to prevent a goal of Bermudian team.

In the same play of a possible BAA goal, Real Madrid mounted a counterattack to drive up the third goal with a good finish of the Madrid striker. Only 8 minutes left, the white team sealed the win with a fourth goal. Despite the 4-0 defeat, we must not forget that Real Madrid is one of the best clubs in the world and at all times, the BAA stood up and played for you.

Competing at the highest

Digest the match against Real Madrid on the first day of competition is complicated, but if you also play your second match against another team like Villarreal CF it becomes a big challenge. And the guys in the BAA agreed.

Next match: 19h in the afternoon in front of another big club of Spain. The first team of Villarreal CF is fifth in the Primera Division. Also their youth teams are known as good teams, having a very prolific quarry. In this game there were not many chances and needed to take advantage of the few chances to be presented. Bermuda’s team had the first chance, but Villarreal goalkeeper saved the shot. Much play in midfield, pressure, force and tension.

It was 14 minutes before the 1-0 of Villarreal struck with a superb strike from a far distance. After the goal, the BAA began to generate more danger, but unfortunately they did not score any goals. Villarreal, on your own, scored a goal, leaving the final score at 2-0.

More and more games

On the second day of competition, the overall BAA faced the AEM Lleida with which they lost 4-0 in the first of the four parties that awaited them. From 12 am to noon, they were measured the EU Cornellà.

CJ Smith’s team started on the right foot, scoring the first goal in the championship, but soon served as the UEC was able to come back and score 5 goals that would leave the final result on a 5-1.

In the third game, the boys of BAA played in their away kit against Martinenc and after a very good game and a great goal, got their first win in the tournament, although the minimum score. At the end of the day they faced the Irish team FC Sant Kevins. They also lost, unfair, by 5-1.

Certainly a tough competition showing the high potential of Spanish football and young talents in world of football. BAA guys have already played twice at the Powerade Cup and hope to return next year, to continue enjoying the football and making the best Bermudian football year.