Do you want to test your concentration and endurance, please consider to know and try Goalball. This sport is specially developed for people with visual impairments but also people without visual impairments could learn from this sport!

Goalball is an international sport that is practiced at all levels, from purely recreational to Paralympics.

Goalball has its own rules. Goalball is a sport for people who can’t or barely see. All participants have the same opportunities, everyone carries a taped goggles. The game is played in two teams of three players. On both sides of the playing field is a target. It is played with a ball with bells. The intention is to roll the ball across the goal line of the opponent. The other team has obviously trying to stop the ball. For this, you need to listen very concentrated and react exactly the right time. Do you have the ball, you must counter within eight seconds. A game with a high tempo so! Goalball is just as fun as football but your eyes aren’t necessary.”

Goalball was established in 1946 to help blind war veterans in their rehabilitation. This particular sport is a true team sport. The teams have a mixed composition. Physically and mentally you compared yourself to the limit but that makes it so challenging. Meanwhile Goalball become a huge success among athletes between 12 and 50 years.

Training and competitions

It requires a lot of exercise to play some Goalball. Just like WOSPAC guys the athletes of Goalball working on gaming skills and technique. Endurance and strength are also important training component. Matches are played in national and international context. In addition, various tournaments are organized.