In professional football we have examples of very great goalkeepers throughout history, such as Oliver KahnSantiago CañizaresVíctor Valdés… and Manuel Neuer and David de Gea from today among others, but none of them has been able to show at least to be unbeatable, and maintain their goal, unbeaten. Obviously we are talking about a chimera, more knowing what kind of players they face which make still more an impossible challenge to achieve.

But does the unbeatable goalkeeper exist? It is clear that no, a human being always have an error or is not able to reach a particular ball within its reach, yet technology has managed to produce the first unbeatable goalkeeper in the world. This is a robot that senses always the shoot of the player and it clears without any problems, making it impossible to overcome it in any way, either above or below, the goalkeeper robot, shown intractable.

Leo Messi or the atléticos Griezmann and Koke, have faced it and have tried to beat him, the result, unsatisfactory as it was expected. We’ll see if someday, some football player manages to defeat the technology and score a goal to the unbeatable goalkeeper.