One week more our players of SOCCER Stages, enjoyed a new session of workouts on the beach where the physical key aspects to perform much higher in the field of play are trained.

These trainings are part of the program WOSPAC Technificationwhich is included in the program of Stages of WOSPAC, with the aim to obtain the best physical, technical and tactical preparation for our players.

In the sessions programmed by Marc Paredes, our responsible and specialist of WOSPAC Technificationthey work different aspects such as; resistance, speed, strength, agility and lung capacity.

Each session consists of targeted exercises to improve all these aspects, allowing the player to have a greater capacity for reaction in the game as well as greater ability to endure 90 minutes and, ability to breathe better and know how to dose efforts.

The sessions are composed of different exercises both inside and out of the water. Some of them so spectacular as running with a parachute on the back, causing you to have to make a greater effort running, giving him a marginal gain very important for the future.

The Technificationsessions have become something fundamental in WOSPAC, in search of improvement and excellence in performance and our players enjoy each day more with them.

Continue working so hard.