WOSPAC works with athletes! Not only the players but also the staff is full athletes. Think about it: All employees played sport on high level. The question is: When are you an Athlete? In the following case we show you why!

At WOSPAC everyone set a plan, execute it and achieve goals. Most of the players play their sport and after a while they achieve the goals they had in mind. When facing obstacles, they still keep going and have a strong desire to reach their goals and want to win. That is determination.

On every training they want to improve themselves. Athletes are agile leaders. They need to adapt and always improve to be able to be competitive. Not only every training, but also every game the athletes want to improve.They making huge sacrifices, they still keep going.. whatever it takes! This attitude we call the never-give-up-attitude. You know it will not always be a smooth ride, but you can’t give up!

After all the training and hard work there is a game. Don’t matter if it’s a soccer, handball or basketball game, there is pressure. Did you worked hard enough? Did I improved my skills? You need to perform at you best at the certain point. An athlete can cope with stress and pressure. Perform under Pressure and you are a step closer to be an athlete.

Athletes want to improve themselves. Motivation an commitment are needed! Athletes know they need to put both brain and body into the quest for success!

However, athletes understand the importance of the team: teamwork! Work together to become athletes. WOSPAC is teamwork!

Keep this in mind and you will become a WOSPAC athlete!