Today we want to talk about the important thing is to have a good physical condition to compete at a high level and how important is to prevent possible injuries.

It is clear that a good physical preparation is very important for the practice of any sport. Soccer is no exception, although due to the particularities of the game it is worthwhile to do some considerations.

Qualities such as strength, resistance, acceleration, speed of reaction and many others are fundamental for any level of play. Specifically for the professional level it is every day more important to have a good physical condition to prevent any type of injuryNormally a professional competes several days in a row and will have to be able to replace the initial condition in a few hours. It is hard to appreciate but the decline in the performance of a footballer begins the day that these qualities impair minimally.

To do this and with the aim to prevent future injuries, in addition to maintaining an adequate physical preparation, it is important to also carry a correct diet and hydration, as we mentioned in previous posts. Likewise, perform a good warm-up prior to the exercise, is essential. Warming up is the basis which helps our body to prepare for the start of the exercise and will help to prevent injuries and improve our performance.

Therefore all good athlete in order to prevent injury, must take care of your nutrition and hydration, perform a good warm-up prior to the practice of sport and maintain good physical preparation that will allow him to compete at the highest level.

In WOSPAC, our athletes, in addition to do daily training in their sport, perform gym sessions, to keep their body toned up and in good physical condition.