If you think you have a good level in your sport in your country, but you think it is not enough to be a professional, we advise you to come and be part of the annual program of WOSPAC in Barcelona. The will make you improving unconsciously. In addition, with the help of the top quality coaches and necessary tools that are provided by WOSPAC, we will help you to improve you in your sport. If you don’t improve, we give your money back!!!

Our years of experience gave us the reason, and all of the players who trained with the great family of WOSPAC have improved in their sport….EVERYBODY repeated!!! The athletes improve in a natural way in the program and they return to their countries after a year spent in WOSPAC they can test with their old teammates the great difference in the improvements they achieved in their sport. This isn’t said by us, it is said by the families of our athletes.

WOSPAC provides the tools for the athletes from all over the world to have the opportunity to play in a professional level in their countries, if it is their dream, and WOSPAC can help them to achieve this.