The season ends but week after week we continue to welcome new additions to the SOCCER Stages program. 

The stays range from 1 to 3 weeks where young players come to test the experience of living surrounded by football 24 hours a day. We will introduce you 3 new members of the WOSPAC family. 

Brooks Rice, is a 14 years old American from Alabama. A BUSA (Birmingham United Soccer Association) player who has already been a few days with us, since May 24th , and will be on our premises until 15th of June. Rice trains with the Cadete B from UE Cornellà: “I like a lot the level of soccer coaching and teammates, it’s so good”. Besides Rice is also very interested in and pleased with the technification training and the morning gym sessions which the program includes. 

Konstantin Klenovich, originally from Russia and 14 years old. A Russian RADIY player who has trained with the UE Cornellà infantil “I liked to train with them and I am also very pleased with the technification training”. Klenovich has come to WOSPAC to get to know for 10 days the level and pace of training in Barcelona. 

Luke Thomas, 13 years old, is the youngest of the 3 and as Rice from the US. In his 2-weeks-stay he has been training with Infantil B of the Green entity and has participated in some friendly matches and tournaments. Thomas has felt very comfortable and enjoyed the training with the club from Baix Llobregat. 

From here we want to welcome you and we hope you enjoy the SOCCER Stages program and hope to see you in the annual training program for players next year.