Today, just after getting up, we have started the day at our Soocer academy in Barcelona with the new technification training sessions we do in the mornings.

As everyone knows, exercising in the morning has multiple advantages according to multiple studies. Some of the most important are an improvement in blood pressure, because we train after a good rest, and the morning workout boosts the activity of our brain and its benefits can last up to 10 hours and thus help us to be more active throughout the day.

We started the day with cardio-type group training to activate the body, warm up the muscles and thus be prepared for what awaits us. Then we have gone to a workout in the gym in order to improve physical performance, and that a good physical shape helps us to prevent injuries during games. Every day we personalize the training in the gym in order to maintain interest and a good personalized dedication to each of the students of our sports residence in Barcelona.

When we have finished with the gym work we have gone to our natural environment, the football field. We have dedicated this time to improve the individual technique of our athletes. Each of them has worked their personal aspects through a joint class where all the key points of a unique training are shared in order to reach the highest level in terms of personal technique.

As you can see in the last photo of the gallery after a good training we have allowed ourselves to play Fornite for a while in the projector of the sports residence.