A couple months ago we talked about the styling of football. The mustache of Vicente del Bosque or Mario Kempes and the hair of Valderrama or Maradona were the styling-icons of their time. Now we going to talk about another part of styling: the Soccer Shoes!

From 1900 till 1940 the soccer shoes stayed very much the same. This changed after the WWII, the soccer shoes become lighter and flexible, but the colour was the same, do you know? Black, of course. After this period the soccer shoes become even lighter and new colours were introduced so that players didn’t only have an option on black or black, they could have a variety of colours. In the 00’s the sole of the shoe changed: it became more flexible and allow the soccer player more movement.

Present and Future

Now the shoes become even more lighter, flexible and colorful but also multifunctional and personal. Customization and personalization is very important in the modern world of soccer. The best football players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar will continue to be paid to wear shoes and this is shown in big world tournaments (National League, Europe Champions League or World Cup), where they will be on view to millions at a time.

Not only the professional players have their name and number on their shoes, players at all levels have their own created soccer shoes.

WOSPAC has a nice one design. What do you think about?… And, what kind of soccer shoe will you create?