Technology is a fact that has come to remain. Nowadays, it applies to any field and any discipline. Technology also came to the sport field time ago. Sport disciplines such as basket or tennis embraced the incorporation of this fact right away. Its application is daily and its evidence is undeniable during the games. Why is soccer being so slow in its application?

Perhaps, there are some technological aspects that it can be barely noticed or not. Soccer began being played with a leather ball. Now, the ball is the result of several research studies. The same occurs with the goalkeeper gloves or the countless models of boots. Intercoms were added for the referees in order to make their job easier, the foam as well. Much more coaches and technical staff use tablets or intercoms during the games. Players do not look behind and much of them play with medical sensors under their shirts. These sensors control that the performance of player is ideal during the match.

The last incorporation that FIFA pretends to make official in the next Euro is the detection of the ghost goals. The GoalRef system places sensors at the goal and a chip in the ball. If the ball gets in the goal, the sensor warns the referees. This can be the biggest change in the rules over the last 100 years. Everything is welcome to make job much easier and there is no room for suspicions.

There is still a huge work ahead. WOSPAC embraces the application of the technology in the sports that we love so much.