At WOSPAC we know great stories related to the great question… Daddy, can I go and play football to Barcelona? In that moment, like a mother said to us, she was shocked and she felt that her body was freezing!!!

I didn’t know what to say to my son, I only said to him that we will do the best for him. After 2 day, I told him that despite I didn’t like the idea that he would leave me I understood that it was the best for his future. Three years later, my son, the most important in my life, has lived the experience of his life, improving in his sport, having learnt a new language and made new friends… And he has come back to my side. I made a difficult decision, very difficult I would say, but now I know I made the best decision. From far away, I recommend all the families to take this big step and change the passion for sports of their children from an excuse to also learn a new language and get to know new cultures. My son has improved in his sport. Yes, but what he doesn’t know is that he made international lifelong friendships, has learnt a new language, and has grown as a person. The football? It was the excuse…

The programs of WOSPAC Barcelona have everything included for the young athletes who can enjoy their stay like they were at home. The athletes are monitored during all 24 hours of the day, and are supported to feel like at home. At WOSPAC we are aware of the fact that the families are offering a great opportunity to their child to train at an international level, and that is greatly useful for his sportive, educational and personal life, but on the other hand we are also aware of the fact that it is a very difficult decision to take, and we want you to know that it will be very important for the development of your son, but it is a difficult decision to take.

The experience that WOSPAC has is that there are difficult moments, especially in the first months, but with the help of everybody it will be solved easily. At the moment we are nobody to advise the families to offer this international training experience to their son or not, the only thing we can show them is the objective data and show them that 95% of the feedbacks we obtain from the families, who have been in the same situation as yours, have been positive.

At WOSPAC we first train persons and then athletes. With this motto that has worked out really good for us so far, and we think that with all of the success cases we have had, and with more than 6 years of experience realizing these trainings we can guarantee to provide the most important for each home.

The trust is gained during the journey, at WOSPAC we only want to start the journey to show you the furthest where it is possible to get.