Communication is key in any sport. As so is in any huge family or group. The success of any team is to create and encourage tight bones between its members. All of them must go in the same way, support and believe in each other.Let´s play! Imagine that we are magicians. Imagine that we are bar tenders and fill our cocktail shaker with the followings ingredients: a little bit of the Swiss nobleness, the Chinese discipline, the Canadian rebelliousness, the American dream or the Costa Rican joy. Are you already naming your cocktail?

Let´s make it more difficult. We shall add the Maldivian talent, the Mexican joke, the big Cameroonian resistance, the Brazilian dance or the Russian love. What about now?

This is what WOSPAC is about. Those cultures coexist very single day in our residence. Each one of them is different to another, but all of them are complementary. Each one of our players learn from their peers. They respect themselves. The English and Spanish are the main languages in the house, although all of them want to know more about the different languages that fly over the residence.

Are you a player with a unique gift that want to introduce in that cocktail shaker? Do not hesitate and find out more about our WOSPAC Stages programs in our web site. Contribute to our big family with the marvellous of your culture.

Do you already have a name for your cocktail? We do: the mixture of the success.

We are looking forward to meet you!