The afternoon of training today, has been very different for our guys of SOCCER Stages. 

Under the supervision of our technical expert in technification program, Marc Paredes, the players have done a session of training on the beach in order to work physical aspects, in a field that requires you to give the maximum of yourself and where the work has much greater reward, than performing in an absolutely flat terrain.

It is the second time this week that the boys of SOCCER Stages, enjoy an experience on the beaches of the Catalan coast, although they have been very different purposes. As well as on Tuesday the the guys of the U-14 Team simply relaxed and enjoyed a different day, today the aim was to work in a different environment than usual of a football field, to develop their physical and aerobical conditions, in order to gain more physical strength .

Our guys have enjoyed a great evening, and were very happy to have changed the surface at which are usually get used to for a day. In addition at the end of the session they took a dip and regain their strength after a hard session of physical exercise.